Moving to the countryside, the family did not expect to welcome a new member. Their dog befriends a stray cat!

Bailey, now 17 years old, was rescued by Arthur and his family in 2007. The poor dog was used exclusively for breeding and produced litters of puppies from which it was automatically separated. Despite the difficult past, Bailey retained the sweetness of the soul. In 2021, she revealed all the kindness that she kept in herself.

Shortly after moving to the village, his relatives suspected the presence of a stray cat. Therefore, they began to leave food, but did not notice the wanderer. Until the day when…

Looking out the window, the household saw a charming ball of wool nestled comfortably in the hollow of a dog’s paws. The cat was resting on the warm body of his new friend. “We’ve never seen Bailey make friends with a wild animal before,” Arthur said, “this scene shows how gentle she is. She has always been very nice.»
Seeing that their canine partner had succeeded in gaining the feline’s trust, the Bailey family decided to follow suit… They adopted him and named Kitten Kitten!

Kitten-Kitten now lives in the house and learns family life. She never leaves Bailey, who has become her surrogate mother. At 17, Bailey was finally able to remain a mother forever.

Her love for a young cat turned out to be saving: Kitten-Kitten escaped the winter cold and found his dream home. The dog and her owners rescued her. They are happy and form a beautiful little friendly family.

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