Mother dog and her 7 puppies were saved in Turkey from a landslide. Tap the link and watch a video!

Soner Büyümez is a Turkish veterinarian. On August 8, 2022, he was at a farm in the countryside when he heard a plaintive bark nearby.

The animal asked for help. After several minutes of searching, he found a young dog in a very bad condition.

The poor beast got stuck underground after a landslide. Only her head was visible, the rest of the body was literally buried, and she could not get out of this trap.

“I saw a dog buried alive. She was in a lot of pain,” Soner confirmed.

So the man and his assistant took a shovel with them to dig the earth to move it to safety.

Once safe and sound, the Good Samaritans were surprised that she insisted on asking for help. So they realized that his offspring must also be underground.

This time with bare hands, so as not to hurt the puppies, they continued to search.

After several minutes of searching, the two men found the deceased infant. However, they did not give up hope to dig more and continued to dig for more than 2 hours.

And indeed, they pulled 7 more puppies out of the hole safe and sound.

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