Morris is a lucky cat. You won’t believe what the store staff went to to save him!

Morris the cat lives in the store and is spoiled by both the whole team and regular customers. On Tuesday, August 16, the unfortunate woman was kidnapped from the parking lot of the establishment, leaving the entire community devastated. The investigation led to the fact that the police brought him home.

This beautiful ginger street cat lived for several years in Country Ace, a hardware store located in Colorado, USA.

He wandered the aisles looking for hugs or stood on the counter to take a nap in the sun.

In the morning, at about 9 o’clock, the cat was walking in the parking lot of the establishment. “He would come out of the store, look around, turn around and come back,” said Morris and hardware store owner Amy Kaplani.

Morris disappeared on 16 August. He did not return from his daily escapade. CCTV cameras showed that two men abducted the cat from the parking lot of a nearby restaurant.

“We have a photo of a car with a license plate. We also have a video of the delinquents putting him in a car so we know he’s with them… Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe they thought he was wandering. We just want Morris back,” Amy said.

Police started an investigation. The clues provided by the cameras allowed the location of the people, and luckily, on Wednesday, August 24, Morris was brought home by an officer.

Morris feels great and expressed his joy at finally returning to his post. Amy heartily thanked the agent who took steps to find her beloved cat.

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