Mogli Gets A Fresh Start In Life Traveling Around The World With Her Savior…

Mogli and Martin experienced the thrill of love at first sight. Thanks to this beautiful meeting, the cat said goodbye to the streets and began a life full of adventures with her soul mate.

Martin Klauka, 32, never planned to get a cat. A real adventurer, he roams all the roads of the world. In March 2021, he had an unexpected meeting that literally changed his life. Sitting with friends on the street of a small town in Morocco, a 30-year-old man noticed an exhausted and injured kitten approaching him.

When Martin noticed that the little fluffy ball was too tired to even raise his head, he realized that he could not refuse him. Anyway, the cat with black and white hair chose him and was not going to let him go.

New start in life

The traveler smuggled the cat into his hotel room so that she could rest somewhere in a cozy and safe place. Adopting an animal is a huge responsibility, especially when it turns out to be so young and infirm.

“When I got up, I was still full of doubts, but I was already in love, so I decided to put her on a bike to see how she behaves,” said Martin. Nice place for a cat, but either that or almost certain death on the street. Although she was initially wary of this device, the kitten quickly relaxed. Martin found his eternal companion.
In addition to restoring health, the one he called Mogli discovered many facets of the world. The Mediterranean Sea, Iran, the United Arab Emirates… once a homeless animal found itself at the center of an exciting journey.

Inseparable to the end

On a motorcycle or bicycle, Mogli hides well in his friend’s bag. Out of curiosity, she sometimes sticks her head out to look at the passing landscapes. On foot, Martin lifts her onto his shoulder. Thus, a beauty with a long mustache can watch cities, restaurants and shops from her seat.
When the duo is on a hike, the cat walks around or follows its owner according to its desires. “Usually she stays near the campsite when I’m shopping or exploring the area,” the 30-year-old man pointed out, “but sometimes, when it’s safe and there are no cars, dogs or other cats, she follows me.»

For now, Martin and Mogli have taken a well-deserved break from Iran and intend to hit the road again this summer.

Their minds are already filled with a myriad of memories, but you can be sure that as their adventures, others will arise, no less memorable!

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