Mobile cat lounge hopes to end cat euthanasia in Polk County! Here, cats have all the necessary amenities and can meet their potential owners (Video).

The former veterinary assistant decided to create her own mobile cat salon, a mobile home where cats have all the necessary amenities and can meet their potential owners. Her goal is to take part in reducing the problem associated with the growth of the stray population and euthanasia in her region.

Cat trees, baskets and beds on request… In the «cat lounge» equipped by Jeanette DeLoach, cats enjoy the comfort and tranquility of this place to the fullest. With this mobile cat salon, this former veterinary assistant travels the streets of Polk County, Florida to help her little protégé find a loving family.

In this converted motorhome, visitors pay to spend time with cats that Janet DeLoach collects and cares for. And if the current passes, then they can adopt.

The project, called Botany Cats, started in February 2022. Since then, she says, every week she receives 3-4 calls about stray cats found in the gardens. She takes care of them, vaccinates and sterilizes them, and then offers them up for adoption in her mobile home.

The goal is zero euthanasia of cats by 2025
Janet DeLoach hopes to help fight shelter overcrowding, feral cat overpopulation and thereby reduce the use of euthanasia in her area.

An average of 146 cats are euthanized there every month, according to Polk Animal Control. Local authorities want to achieve «zero euthanasia» by 2025. To do this, they work with 160 animal protection associations.

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