Misunderstanding in the veterinary clinic! The cat was given to another family by…

Tara’s family breathed a sigh of relief; this cat returned to her family after a month of suffering. The reason for this long separation was a misunderstanding at the veterinary clinic where she was kept, reports the Australian media news.com.au.

In July, Cathy Matthews and her partner, who lives in Bondi in the Sydney suburbs, were traveling overseas. Before leaving, the couple entrusted their cat Tara to Bondi Junction Veterinary Hospital, which offers pet boarding services.

A clinic employee mistakenly confused Tara with another tortoiseshell cat, also named Lara, and thus mistakenly handed her over to the latter’s owners. Soon after, Tara ran away. She was nowhere to be found for 30 days.

In total disarray, Kathy Matthews launched a Facebook call for help. For its part, Bondi Junction Veterinary Clinic has hired a missing animal detective agency, Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives».

The mistress of Tara did not understand how such a confusion could occur. The photo below, posted by her on Facebook, shows the difference between Tara and Lara. Lara has a tortoiseshell coat with darker tones and white legs and chest. As for Tara, her colors are more «diluted» and do not have a white mark.

“I’m happy to announce that Tara has been found! »
Thus, a month later, Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives team finally found Tara. She lost weight but was healthy.

Good news shared by Kathy Matthews on Facebook: “So happy to announce that our baby Tara has been found!»

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