Miracle dog survives plunging off 100ft cliff edge then gets reunited with owner. Tap and watch a video!

On August 17, Emily Linehan took her dog, Yogi, for a walk along a cliff overlooking the ocean in Torbay, England.

The Cross Spaniel, who was off-leash, approached the edge dangerously and ended up falling 30 meters high.

Emily, horrified, immediately contacted the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) volunteer brigade. Who hastened to intervene aboard their lifeboat.

Watch a video of a miracle rescue!

When Emily found her faithful companion, she felt relieved, but knew that he needed to be urgently taken to the veterinary clinic. Yogi immediately relaxed and realized that he was off the hook.

The unfortunate man received a fracture of the spine, as well as several ribs. In addition, he had nerve damage and an eye injury.

So Yogi underwent emergency surgery. Fortunately, he will make a full recovery. He recovers from his emotions in his home with his caring mommy.

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