Meet the Miracle Dog! Life Tormented Her, But Turned Into A Very Special Pet!

It’s no secret that some animals feel our pain and try to help. But the story of Piggy the dog is amazing! Many trials fell on her fate, which, probably, revealed a special talent in her.
Piggy was a street dog in the Dominican Republic. One day she had a misfortune — she was hit by a car. She was doomed to die right on the side of the highway, but, thanks to an incredible set of circumstances, she was rescued by animal rights activists from the United States.

Piggy received very serious injuries, so the veterinarians had to amputate her paw. This saved her from constant pain. It took a long time for the dog to get better. Animal rights activists purchased an expensive prosthesis for her, thanks to which she was able to move again.

A man named Tod became Piggy’s new owner. Then he did not know yet, he got such a special pet!
Once, while walking in New York’s Central Park, Piggy deviated from her usual route and ran to the side. Tod thought the dog had found the squirrel, but in fact it had found a person who needed support!

Piggy ran up to the unfamiliar man who was sitting on the bench and laid her head on his boot. The man looked at the dog intently and began to cry…

He told Tod that he had lost his dog that morning and couldn’t find it. Surprisingly, Piggy felt this and decided to support the stranger!

Tod realized that his pet had a real gift of empathy, so he decided to join a volunteer organization that helps sick children. Now Piggy has become a therapy dog.

Tod brought the pet to a rehabilitation center for children, where all the patients played enough with the animal. But one girl kept aloof. The doctors explained that she was very afraid of dogs.

Piggy simply could not ignore this patient and decided to get to know her after all. She walked closer to the girl and looked at her intently. Surprisingly, the baby herself took a step towards the dog and began to stroke it. For the first time in recent days, the girl smiled!

The doctors were very surprised, because the little patient had always avoided contact with animals until that moment.
Recently, Tod noticed that his elderly neighbor Sharon was sitting on the stairs. The woman was very tired, because it is difficult for her to move around due to a disease of the musculoskeletal system.

Piggy immediately ran up to Sharon and rested her head on her knee. The woman assures that after communicating with the dog, the pain and fatigue are gone.

Piggy helps not only people, but also other animals. Once, while walking in Central Park, she ran up to another dog.

The owner explained to Tod that his dog was dying of a terminal illness and that this was probably her last walk. Apparently Piggy felt this and decided to cheer her up!

This amazing dog really feels when someone needs support and constantly adds to his list of good deeds.


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