Meet Skipper , world’s most travelling dog! You will be shocked when you see how he did it. Tap the link and watch a video!

Meet Skipper, a brave navigator who, along with his owner John Taylor, crossed the Atlantic on a yacht. In total, they covered more than 32,000 kilometers. It is noteworthy that this is not the first such adventure of a four-legged traveler. Previously, she and John sailed off the coast of Portugal for about five months, and also made the transition to the Azores.

According to Jack Skipper feels great on such trips. Such a rich life, perhaps, only the wolf dog named Locky, who, together with the owner, plows the snowy expanses of the ski slopes.

According to Taylor, his dog spent more time traveling than any other dog. He added that Skipper always feels good on the road.

Before crossing the Atlantic in the summer of 2015, the man and his pet traveled in a small van for nine weeks across Europe, visiting France, Switzerland, Andorra, Spain and Italy.

In the near future, the owner has planned a tour of Scandinavia on a motorcycle with a cradle in which his dog will sit. In addition, he plans to ride with Skipper on Route 66 in the US, which crosses the entire country from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Mr. Taylor told that Skipper is the part of his family and his dizzy journeys.

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