Meet Mr. Dobbs who looks remarkably like an elf from Harry Potter! Tap the link and watch a video.

Meet Mr. Dobbs, better known as Dobby. The cat was named so because it is incredibly similar to the character of the popular Harry Potter films. Judge for yourself: huge eyes, a sharp muzzle, a thin body — why not a house elf?

However, the cat became famous not only for its resemblance to the screen hero, but also for its great passion for selfies!

Love at first sight

When a 30-year-old American named Nicole thought about getting a cat, she faced a serious problem. The fact is that a girl who has been surrounded by pets since childhood suddenly began to suffer from an allergy to animal hair.

Taking a fluffy pet was out of the question. And then Nicole decided to find a cat that would not have the main allergen — wool!

She came across the Sphynx, the Don Sphynx and some other breeds that seemed to her not interesting enough, although they are hypoallergenic.

And suddenly the girl saw Dobby! She even heard about such a breed as the Ukrainian Levkoy, but she liked the tiny kitten at first sight!

He was incredibly friendly and immediately showed his affectionate nature.

The cat obviously liked communication with a person more than with her brothers and sisters, and Nicole decided that Dobby was exactly what she was looking for!

As Dobby grew, he became even more like an on-screen elf, which made him comedic.
Nicole admits that she did not even expect this: many people incredibly liked little Dobby!

But the most interesting thing was that the cat also liked the photo session!

In his free time from filming for social networks, the cat loves to watch from the window what is happening in New York. The cat is especially impressed by the evening city and burning lights.

Well, we hope that Nicole and Dobby will often delight their fans with bright, funny and unique pictures!

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