Meet Jennifer Slater, 10-year-old Canadian girl who found a fun way to help dogs and save their life!

From tennis balls and scraps of fabric, young Jennifer creates homemade toys for dogs, which she then resells to benefit the local shelter. In this way, she contributes to saving the animals of her region.

Talent does not wait for a number of years. Generosity and sensitivity to the animal cause either. This is proven by Jennifer Slater, a 10-year-old Canadian who found a fun way to help animals.
This young girl lives in Prince George, British Columbia (Western Canada). She regularly takes part in extra-curricular activities, and it was as part of one of them that she took part in a master class in making dog toys.

During this activity, all of the toys made by Jennifer and her classmates were donated to local animal rescue service Luvs Northern Animal Rescue.

Seduced by this project, she decided to do it alone, at home. Since then, she has continued to make these dog toys out of tennis balls and then sell them for 5 Canadian dollars (just under 4 euros) apiece. The money she receives from these sales is donated entirely to Luvs Northern Animal Rescue.

Andrea Sawers, founder of the association, says she is delighted and moved by the child’s initiative. “I couldn’t believe that this young girl had so much kindness. It’s so impressive and says a lot about how she’s grown up,» he said.
“This money will save so many lives,” she continues. Every $15 can vaccinate an animal and protect it from many diseases.”

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