Meet Bubba! The first cat in the world to graduate from… college! :) (Video)

Meet the red cat Bubba! He is an extraordinary pet, because he loves to study and learn science very much.

His favorite pastime is going to school and sitting in class. 🙂

Bubba calmly visits any classroom during class, and also loves to communicate with students. He even has his student ID.

The cat is very sociable, kind and inquisitive.

After one of the teachers treated him to a treat, Bubba looks at everyone with begging eyes. If the “crown look” does not affect others, he takes the initiative in his paws and looks for sweets on his own. 🙂

No one ever chases a cat away, because everyone is sincerely happy for his company. 🙂
Bubba is accustomed to increased interest in his person. He likes to be in the center of attention, to accept affection and friendliness. 🙂
Bubba was given a whole page in the school magazine.

But the cat cannot leave school so easily and continues to attend college. Probably left to study for the second year. 🙂

It is possible that the cat will soon be able to teach his own subjects. For example, “Catology”, “Cat in Literature” and “. 🙂

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