Medal For Hero Dog Kuno Which Saved Sol diers’ Lives In Afgh anistan

Malinois Kuno was able to stay alive during the shootout in which she saved people. When the German Shepherd was 4 years old, she served in a British special forces unit that fought Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Her example is proof that dogs really are people’s best friends. Now the shepherd is retired, as she received serious injuries while assisting the British special forces in Afghanistan. It was for this that she was awarded the Dicken Award.

This award is considered the highest awarded to animals that served in the British forces. To be clear, this award is equivalent to the Victoria Cross. This is the British version of the Medal of Honor. The Malinois Cuno award was presented by the People’s Department of Animal Affairs.

The veterinarian who works in this department said that the dog is indeed a real hero. The medal was awarded to her for her bravery in one of the operations in Afghanistan, which was carried out a couple of years ago. The dog helped the British Special Forces during the operation in the attack against Al-Qaeda, which was armed a hundred times better than they are.

The assault squads were stopped after they used grenades and machine guns. British troops and enemy troops did not escape losses. German Shepherd ran to attack one of the rebels and then discovered a hidden explosive.

The militant was struck by the sudden appearance of the animal, and he was shot in the dark. Thus, Malinois Cuno injured her hind legs. However, the brave dog continued to move. She was able to attack the rebel, bite him on the arm and knock him to the ground. So the shepherd saved people. And only after the storm troopers could not get into the courtyard and the building was cleared, Malinois Kuno stopped.

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