Mabel and Elsie melted my heart. Their relationship promises to be incredible» proud mom of two says. Tap the link and watch a video!

Between Mabel, a puppy under 3 months old, and a baby named Elsie, a strong friendship began, which the mother witnesses every day. Their complicity is palpable in their photographs, which the latter posts regularly.

They are Mabel, a very small 11 week old dog, and a 6 month old girl named Elsie. They are best friends and share absolutely everything, from places to rest and toys.

Mother, Jennifer Moore, is very happy to be in the front row and watch their beautiful moments of complicity between her daughter and a female Labrador Retriever every day. The happiness she shares with the netizens who are more and more following this great relationship by regularly posting pictures of this inseparable duet of friends.

The 32-year-old woman explains to Metro that she adopted Mabel when she was 8 weeks old and that the puppy chose her friend very quickly. “It all started the day after he arrived,” says this housewife. She explored the house and jumped into a chair where she fell asleep.» Since then, the dog has been closely watching his two-legged accomplice, delving into his every movement and imitating many of them, especially when he is having fun with his toys.

Incidentally, Elsie’s toys also became Mabel’s toys. They willingly share them like a sun lounger and many other things. The little one is sometimes a little puzzled by the little dog’s behavior, but she often laughs out loud when she sees her doing it.

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