Luna And Stella, Two Pretty Girl, Found Their Harmony!

Two female kittens needed urgent help. Stella (striped dress) had bite marks, and her slightly taller sister Luna (black dress) also required care and attention.
At 5 to 6 weeks old, they were entrusted to IndyHumane, an association based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jennifer, the association’s adoptive mother, took care of them. She was immediately fascinated by these young cats, whose good humor was unaffected, including Stella, despite the discomfort caused by her injuries.

His condition gradually improved with antibiotics and treatment. It didn’t take long for Luna to be very active. However, she was careful not to push her sister, as if she knew she was still vulnerable. Then, as she recovered, Stella became almost as dynamic as she was.

Body and Bear, Jennifer’s cats, always turn into big brothers for the kittens she adopts. They did the same with Stella and Luna when they were able to meet them.

In fact, they were visited mainly by kittens, as their owner, Love Meow, says: “Usually, the kittens we welcome make hissing noises and stand on end when they are first introduced to my cats.”

Luna is the most active and Stella is the most affectionate!

Luna is very sociable and craves attention. “His meow sometimes resembles a dog barking or howling,” says the volunteer. She can be very loud when she is alone or when she needs attention.

As for Stella, who is now fully cured, she is shown to be gentle and enjoys rubbing and grooming her elders. Big cats have their own preferences, as their owner explains: «Bear is usually more interactive with Luna, while Bodie seems to be more fond of Stella.»

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