Luckily, the Colorado man’s worries about his dog didn’t last long.. Tap the link and watch a video!

Luckily, the Colorado man’s worries about his dog didn’t last long. They had to be separated at night as the animal was in its owner’s car when the latter was stolen. The police eventually located and returned the dog and vehicle within hours of the kidnapping.
On Monday morning, a miraculous meeting took place between a stolen dog and its owner.

Tango, an adorable white-haired dog with brown spots, was in his owner’s car, which he parked in front of a mall in Denver, Colorado on Sunday afternoon. A car with an animal inside was stolen here.

Worried about the fate of his four-legged friend, the man immediately reported the theft to the police.

The latter began to look for a car and a dog. It did not take long for them to succeed in their mission, as they were able to locate them that same evening in the nearby town of Lakewood. However, they were unable to locate and contact the owner immediately.

Thanks to animal control, run by the police and aware of the report, the man was finally contacted with the good news.
The next morning, Tango and his man are finally reunited.

The dog is doing very well. He quickly returned to the normal course of his life with his family. As for his kidnapper, nothing has been leaked about him yet. It is not known if he was arrested or even identified.

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