Love At First Sight Between A Bereaved Owner And A Pitbull Who Spent 5 Years In A Shelter

Spike was unlucky in life. But the star began to twinkle in the night. The animal turned its back on its past and headed straight for its future in the company of a benevolent human.

Spike’s life changed overnight in 2016. The house of its owners was destroyed by fire. Destitute, they decided to give their pit bull into the hands of volunteers from the shelter in the hope that he would quickly find a new home. Alas, the dog had to wait a long time before starting a new life.

After the terrible ordeal he went through, Spike withdrew into himself. He became especially anxious and shy.
In January 2022, the dog was donated to the Humane Society in Mentor, Ohio (USA). «He’s so sweet and just wants to be loved,» said Laurie Cassatt, director of the association.

Soul mates

This change of air proved favorable to the dog. As soon as their new protege crossed the threshold of their organization, the volunteers did their best to find him a new home. For this, local TV channels, as well as social networks, are widely used. Fortunately, this approach quickly paid off.

Michael discovered the history of Pitbull. The man survived the tragedy on Christmas Eve, according to Daily Paws. His four-legged friend died of old age, leaving an open wound on his heart.

“As soon as they met, Spike lay on his back and wanted to have his stomach rubbed,” the director of the Humane Society said. Two wounded souls felt a real lightning strike.

After spending 5 years in a shelter, the 9-year-old dog finally got what he always deserved: a loving family. For Laurie Cassatt, the quick adoption of a dog that has waited so long for love is not only good news for him, but also boosts staff morale. “We were so excited,” she added, “to adopt a senior pit bull in 6 days? It’s incredible.»

Spike and Michael have picked up the pieces of their once broken hearts, now beating in unison. Man and dog are now walking hand in hand towards the luminous horizon.

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