Lost Dog Found in Northumberland After Six Years…

The owners of Milo no longer hoped to find this dog, which disappeared in 2016. Until the unexpected call from the veterinarian who scanned his ID chip 150 kilometers from their home. The animal was just found at the college.

Never lose hope, even years after your pet’s disappearance. This is advice to be addressed to any owner who has lost his companion. Another, no less important, is chipping, if this has not been done. Milo’s owners didn’t let him through, which is why they found him 6 years later, WNEP reports Thursday, May 26.

This week, John Becker, assistant teacher at Shikellamy High School in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, was getting ready to gather his students as the holidays drew to a close. At that moment, he felt something on his leg. It was a small dog, a poodle-and-white mix, wagging its tail and trying to get his attention.

This was not the first time the dog managed to break into the school yard. John Becker thought it was a neighbor’s or stray animal. He found the local phone number on the collar and called him, but no one answered. He then asked college nurse Michelle Culp to take care of it.
She took him to the nearest veterinary clinic, where the four-legged was microchipped. This revealed that Milo was from neighboring New York State. The vet contacted her real owner, who was stunned to hear the news. The latter, in fact, has been looking for him since 2016.

Milo’s owner explains that she was hospitalized at the time due to childbirth. She entrusted her dog to a relative, but he ran away shortly after and never showed up again.

John Becker is delighted, someone who loves dogs and has one in his family. He says he “can’t imagine losing [his] dog. If that happens, I just hope […] I can find him too. It makes me happy».

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