Look how bravely the dog saved woman’s life in bear attack. Tap the link and watch a video.

The woman survives bear attack in her home!
The events took place very early on the morning of Wednesday, August 31, in New Castle, Colroado. Around 2 am local time, Akasha Jensen went out to check if the tarpaulin for the jacuzzi installed on her terrace was still in place. She was far from suspecting the danger that awaited her at that moment.

His dog Zeyli, she was well aware of this. Then the animal began to bark frantically towards the tree. Before she knew it, Akasha Jensen found herself face to face with a bear that had already attacked her.

According to the mother of the family, the attack lasted less than 5 minutes. Enough, however, to allow the plantigrade to inflict wounds on their arm, shoulder, and back. But the outcome could have been much worse if not for the heroism of Zeili, who made the bear run with his barking and great determination.

Akash Jensen was taken to the emergency room at Valley View Hospital, located in Glenwood Springs, about twenty kilometers away. There she received the necessary assistance and was able to quickly return home.

«I’m alive thanks to her!»

Zeyli’s actions really saved a life.

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