LOL, it’s so funny !Opera cat is in the building:) Tap the link and watch a video.

Did Maximino secretly dream of a career as a tenor? Even if he doesn’t really have a voice, you have to admit that this cat with a strong character puts everything into the cause.

The girl in the video is a young opera singer who regularly posts footage on social media. Many of these posts include her cat friend who always manages to be the center of attention.

An user starts singing an opera aria before being interrupted by her cat. Maximino flashes in front of the camera, then decides to push the ditty in his own way.

«He loves music,» said Maura. The only way to get him to follow me is to whistle his favorite tunes.”

As for her, indicates that she has been taking opera singing lessons for 10 years since her arrival in the United States from Mexico. She became a choirmaster.

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