Like many of his relatives, Nikolai loves to walk. But this adorable dog has a special habit…

There’s nothing better than a good walk with your loved one… and a bag of bread. Eh yes! Nikolai became famous on TikTok thanks to a video in which we see him walking down the street with a bag full of slices of bread held tightly between his teeth. A funny scene that couldn’t help but make passers-by smile.
But this isn’t the first time the black-robed dog has stood out on his daily walks. Nikolai is used to carrying various objects in his mouth and does not get tired of dragging them all the way.

“Most of the time, things are different,” Ellie Rudman told The Dodo. “The other day he took my backpack, and today he took a box of Cheerios cereal. The box was empty, and I put it next to the trash can to take it out later. He decided that it would be his friend for the walk.»

This passion was born around the age of 10 weeks. “He started bringing me things that he realized I wanted or had to take out,” his owner explained, “it started with my shoes and car keys, then they left, transforming from there into other items. » A scarecrow, a pack of cakes… Nikolai chose according to his mood and his desires.

The loaf of bread mentioned above was especially amused by his adoptive mother. When she asked him if he wanted to go for a walk, the dog was so excited that he ran into the kitchen and returned with a bag in his mouth. He was just happy to jump out into the street with such a good grip!

According to Ellie Rudman, moving around with a toy or whatever she needs «makes her feel safe and useful.» A cute habit that his family never gets tired of watching.

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