«Like he never left.» Incredible family reunion with their missing cat 11 years ago!

It’s hard to believe that after more than a decade you’ve found your cat, but that’s exactly what happened in England recently. Ziggy and his mistress are reunited after such a long separation thanks to a cat ID chip.

Ziggy’s owner, Ruth Orme, was constantly looking for him around his home in Royston in Hertfordshire, as well as in the surrounding towns. She posted wanted ads online and put up posters. Unfortunately, the animal in the striped dress was never traced.

Ziggy was microchipped and sterilized, but the girl admits that after 2 years she «lost hope». In the meantime, she has adopted another cat named Freddie.
The situation remained unchanged until August 12, 2022. That evening, Cameron Moditt and his friend Jamie Taylor were walking in the park, about a twenty-minute walk from Ruth Orme’s house. They heard a meow and saw a cat that seemed friendly but shy.

They gave him food and water. The cat immediately approached them and relaxed. Two days later, they shared a photo of the cat on Facebook. A post that caught the attention of a woman working at a local shelter who ran a four-legged animal through an ID chip reader.

It was thanks to the information provided by the latter that she was able to contact Ruth Orme to deliver the incredible news.

The meeting took place on Monday 15 August. Ziggy’s owner calls it a «miracle». She assures that her cat has not changed, despite the past 11 years. For her, it’s «like he never left.»

Ruth Orme adds that he is in good health. She doesn’t know where he could have been all this time, but she thinks that most of the time he wandered around and was fed by the locals.

Also, Ziggy and Freddie seem to get along quite well, which is more good news for their owner.

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