Life Has Not Been Kind To Lucky, But This 2-Year-Old Cat Has Not Lost His Affectionate And Friendly Nature.

A victim of motorist brutality and later bad luck, Lucky endured a terrible trauma and great disappointment. At the shelter where he lives, this beautifully tabby cat dreams of forgetting these hard times and being eligible for a fresh start.
According to the shelter volunteers who took him in, he loves to jump into the arms of people. Today he is in great shape, he has fully recovered from the terrible ordeal he went through a year ago.

The driver of the car simply threw it from a moving vehicle on Highway 51 near Boise, Idao. Luckily, someone stopped by to help the cat.

The poor tiger-skinned animal had its face severely injured when it fell onto the pavement. He had to undergo a rather serious operation. His survival was almost miraculous.

Entrusted to the local Shelter Association Simply Cats, the cat recovered thanks to the care and attention he received there. Things seemed to be going in the right direction since Lucky was adopted last fall.

Unfortunately, after some time, his owners lost their house and were unable to move him to a new home.

«We hope that this time he finds his eternal home»
So he returned to the Simply Cats, where they are trying to find a new, loving home. “He had to go through the pain of being thrown out of the car, and he also had to go through the pain of losing his family,” association member Maddy Corey told Idaho News. We hope that this third time he will find his eternal home and be able to hug his owners every day for the rest of his life.”

Recently Simply Cats announced that several people have offered to adopt him. This could be the end of Lucky’s waiting and frustration.

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