Lame Stray Dog Invites Himself to Wedding, Couple Makes Unexpected Decision About Him!

While the couple were celebrating their wedding, a stray dog entered the church and decided to take part in the ceremony. He even congratulated the newlyweds in his own way when they exchanged vows. It was clear to them that they were not going to leave this place without him.
A stray and injured dog finds a loving family when he invites himself to a wedding in Brazil.

Tamiris Musini and Douglas Robert said yes to life. They celebrated the wedding in the church, in front of many guests. Among the latter was one who was not on the list, but who still wanted to be part of the ceremony.

The ceremony began, and the dog decided to land near the door to observe what was happening. Then the newlyweds headed for the exit. The quadruped jumped at the opportunity to say hello and compliment them in his own way.

He stood up on his hind legs, wagging his tail, inviting Douglas Robert to pet him. Douglas did this with great joy. That was enough for the couple to make a decision from this moment full of magic and emotion.

The newlyweds immediately decided to adopt him. It’s like he’s telling them: «Take me home,» says Tamiris Musini. They named it Braia Caramelo.

«He’s so affectionate,» his new lover said of him. Despite everything he’s been through, he still believes in the goodness of people. He gives us hope.»

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