Lake District rescuers save sick dog and its owners by carrying pooch down boulder field!

It took the intervention of a specialized rescue team to get the dog and its owners out of harm’s way as they clambered up the slippery rock wall at the lake’s edge. The animal became ill and could no longer walk.

The incident and intervention took place on Saturday afternoon, 24 September. Two people tried to climb the slippery rocks near the lake accompanied by their dog.

The Springer-type canine was clearly not in the best shape. He, in fact, fell ill and could no longer take any further steps. His masters, too, could no longer progress, given the condition of the quadruped and the difficulty of the terrain. Then they decided to call emergency services.

Specialized rescuers from the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were dispatched to the scene. The group responded on foot and in an inflatable boat from the lake.

‘Very friendly’ dog taken to safety

It took them 3 long hours of effort to get the suffering dog to safety, as did his people. Lifeguards took turns carrying the «springer», described as «very friendly», and hauling it aboard their boat. The trio were then transferred «to a safe location on the road bordering the lake to continue their journey, after which the rescue team left the scene», read the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team’s Facebook post recounting the rescue.

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