Labrador Helps Seriously Ill Owner To Gain Confidence and Become a Skilled Archer

Thanks to her service dog, the fifty-year-old disabled woman has not only found a social life, but can also devote herself to her passion for archery. She even hopes to join the British Paralympic selection.

Jupiter changed Amanda Davidson’s life. For a 53-year-old woman who lives in Lincoln in the east of England, her service dog is valuable in many ways.

Amanda Davidson suffers from several illnesses that require her to use a wheelchair. 24 years ago, she had to leave her post as a police officer due to severe injuries. She then worked for SAMU in the region. Outside of work, she had almost no contact with people. She preferred to remain confined at home.

This has not happened since the arrival of Jupiter, trained by the Support Dogs organization. The black-coated Labrador Retriever not only helps her every day, in particular by picking up objects that she drops, or even removing her socks. He also encouraged her to go out and meet people. “In a way, you are invisible when you are in a wheelchair. But with Jupiter more people come to you. They want to learn more about service dogs, talk to someone with a disability, and break down barriers,” she told Team Dogs.

The contribution of dogs does not end there. He encourages him to devote himself to his passion: archery. Amanda Davidson did it even harder after leaving the profession and achieved excellent results: a gold medal in the Public Service Archery Association tournament, a silver medal 2 years in a row in the National Disability Championship, not to mention the national records she broke .

A prospect that saddens Amanda Davidson, who nonetheless comforts herself by remembering that he will stay by her side. Although he will no longer be called upon to help her, the Labrador will always be part of her family and will continue to live with her while another help dog takes over the day-to-day tasks of helping.

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