Kleptomaniac cat! The local cat steals various unusual items from the neighbors. Tap the link and watch a video!

The crime wave started 3 years ago. A robber with a long mustache and in a black dress began to steal clothes, including bras. He even brought live eels, according to the Dailystar in an article published on December 23, 2021. His name? Whale.

Over time, other objects came into view of the 5-year-old cat. He recently stole a bong, a smoking device, and a bag of unidentified white powder from their owners, David and Jeannie Rumbold. The latter admitted with humor: “I told him that diamonds and money would be better. But this has not happened yet.»

Rumbolds now have a habit of filling boxes placed in front of their front door with items stolen by their cat. Even if Kit’s treasures find their true owners, he does not give up and naturally continues his activities!
Luckily, according to Ginny Rumbold, cat kleptomania is more amusing than annoying to the neighbors. Keith has become a little local star in a way.

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