Kitten spotted on a concrete wall in the Bronx receives long-awaited help and wins the heart of the person who sheltered him!

Volunteers came to the aid of a dying cat on top of a wall in the Bronx (New York, USA). The small animal was taken to a veterinarian in very poor condition and then placed with a foster family.

“We named him Clayton because he was found on Clay Avenue,” volunteers from Little Wanderers NYC said. The cat was seen on top of the concrete wall meowing frantically. Exhaustion, hypothermia and a respiratory infection plagued this little 8-month-old kitten.

After picking him up, rescuers took Clayton to the vet. Although he was fragile and on the verge of death, he craved attention and was determined to fight to stay alive.

Thanks to the numerous treatments Clayton received, he was able to open his eyes and breathe easier. A device has been installed that helps him regulate his body temperature. In addition, the tube was necessary in order to feed him properly.
Obviously, the cat knew that he was safe and in good hands: he purred in the presence of the keepers.

As soon as the health of the courageous Clayton recovered, he was given to a foster family. It was Rebecca, one of the Little Wanderers NYC volunteers, who opened the doors of her home, but also her heart, to her…

The little fighter continued on his path of recovery thanks to his benefactor. According to her, he began to «eat like a champion» and became «more energetic».

Since that, Rebecca could no longer part with her adored protégé. After overcoming death, a fully recovered Clayton was adopted by his guardian angel.

It has been 3 years since this magnificent mustachioed found happiness. Extremely friendly and affectionate, he regularly offers support to his fellows, who, like him, have been rescued from the streets by members of the association.

“Clayton means the world to me,” said Rebecca, “when I wake up at night, he clings to my arms. He is the perfect cat dad for foster families. He is patient, gentle and cheerful.»

Clayton has come a long way since he was found dying on the wall. Today, he enjoys life to the fullest and lends a helping hand to stray cats looking for a second chance.

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