Kitten Runs Away To Comfort Sick Dog…

This interspecies friendship proves how capable animals are of altruism. The kitten, placed in solitary confinement by a veterinarian, slipped out of her cage. The caretakers were even more surprised to find that he had done this to join the sick and frightened dog in order to comfort her.

Ginger Biscuit, a red-haired kitten, and Ann, a dog, had a troubled past and ended up in isolation together at the Greenside Animal Hospital, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ginger Biscuit was rescued a few days earlier from a storm drain after a thunderstorm. The poor animal, barely 10 weeks old, was wet and cold. Therefore, the veterinarians placed him away from other patients so as not to put him at risk of infection.

Meanwhile, Ann is taken to the clinic after being found hiding in the bushes. The weak, frightened and vermin-infested dog was also transferred to the isolation ward.

Ginger Biscuit and Ann’s cages were at one end of the room. One morning, doctors Joubert Villejoin and Suzette Greube, owners of the Greenside Animal Hospital, came to take care of the two animals. They were surprised to find that the kitten’s cage was empty. “We underestimated the ability of the kitten to squeeze through the door of the cage in which he was placed,” said the veterinarians.

New Friendship

Turning around, they found Ginger Biscuit snuggled up next to Ann in the cage. The dog seemed to have found a calm that the trainers did not know about her. As a precaution for the young cat, the woman replaced it in its original place. However, the little feline decided otherwise. «We put the kitten back in his cage because his tray, food and water were there, but he immediately went out and went back to his friend’s house,» she explained.

Since then, the couple has been inseparable. Two animals lived in the same cage, where each enjoyed a meal, took a nap, cuddled and recuperated to start a new life.

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