Kitten rescued from near cat-astrophe!

The kitten became trapped in the river, prompting a charity intervention and then a second one. The volunteer didn’t hesitate to get wet to help him. Now it’s all about healing his wounds and finding him a loving home.

In Cavan, Ireland, a kitten was rescued after falling into a creek with no way out, according to The Anglo-Celt.

The rescue took place on Wednesday, July 20. That morning, the locals were alarmed by the cries of distress coming from the local river. Fortunately, the level of the latter at this time of the year is low. Otherwise, the little feline would have drowned for sure. On the other hand, the wall was too high and steep for him to return to the shore.

Charity Vincent’s Shop Cavan Town was first alerted when its employees were barely showing up for work. Unable to intervene, one of its members, Lyn Brady, contacted Caroline van den Bergh of the Wild Wardrobe association, dedicated to wildlife conservation.
10 minutes later, Caroline van den Berg was at the scene and was ready to go down into the river to rescue the ginger kitten. She then brought him back to dry land, wrapped him in a towel, and took him to the vet.

The young cat suffered an injury to one of its front paws, but was generally doing well. The veterinarian takes care of him at home until his possible owners or foster family are found.

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