Kitten Navidad’s health problems seemed endless, but thanks to his foster family, he found the strength to live!

A stray kitten in poor condition has just been found in Pennsylvania and has been donated to the local association Humane League of Lancaster. The young cat had a burn in his mouth and suffered from neurological disorders.

Shortly before Christmas, the organization placed him in the care of Wilma, one of the volunteer foster mothers. Named Navidad, he found it difficult to walk to get up. At the association, we didn’t know the exact cause of his problems, but the most likely hypothesis was that he chewed on an electrical wire.

By the time he was placed with a foster family, his tremors and imbalance had subsided, and his mouth had begun to heal. He was also recovering from pneumonia. He was still afraid of people, but Wilma helped him understand that he was safe.

Navidad quickly learned to appreciate the care and attention given to her by a volunteer, especially brushing. He also loved being carried. 3 weeks later, he was confident enough to fall asleep in his basket rather than the shipping crate or cat tree shelter.

He overcame all his health problems and gained confidence. “He has become an exuberant and playful kitten who constantly wants to receive all the caresses and purrs. She is a soft and cuddly little cat ball,” says Wilma

Navidad is currently being treated for ringworm and will soon be ready to start a new big step. The family, who have adopted kitten Wilma in the past, have been following her Instagram story since the beginning. Now this will be Navidad’s the new life.

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