Just look at this kitten who decided to keep warm in the wrong place. Tap the link and watch a video!

It is not uncommon for cats to take refuge in the still-hot engine of parked cars. However, in many cases, the experiment turns into a disaster. Either the driver leaves without paying attention, or the cats get stuck and can no longer get out on their own. This is what happened to the poor kitten, who, fortunately, was helped by the people of the city.

A few days ago, some children heard sounds like a kitten meowing from under the car. They tried to catch a small cat with tuna bait, but were unsuccessful.
So they told adults, including Terry Fox, founder of the Foxy and the Hounds association, which invested in animal welfare. The woman called for help from Hope For Paws, who rushed to the scene.

Indeed, the baby, whom the rescuers named Esther, was stuck in a cramped and inaccessible corner.

The members of Hope For Paws Rescue then opened the hood, after a few minutes of effort and a few spare parts on the ground, they were able to pull Esther out with all the delicacy.

She was frightened, in shock, but safe and sound. Side effects included extremely dirty hair and a very empty stomach.
Therefore, Esther’s good Samaritans gave her a good bath and fed her with food suitable for her young age.

Today, the survivor is placed in a foster family, where she fully enjoys her new relatives. Hope For Paws is holding a fundraiser (link in video) to pay for her vet services for her upcoming spay, vaccination and identification.

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