Just look at this drama queen cat. She’s ready for any trick to achieve her goal… Tap and watch a video!

Never underestimate the intelligence of cats. This is the first lesson that can be learned from this story :) Secondly, their acting skills should not be underestimated either. They are especially good at taking action to achieve their goals.

In this video, posted on Twitter by a user named Gabriele Corno, a cat feigns a sore paw to get the attention of his people and get them to open the door for him.

A trick that his family knows all too well

Seeing him doing this, his owners can’t help but laugh. And for good reason: they know full well that his alleged injury is actually just a ploy to soften them up and let them in. Behavior that he has already demonstrated many times in the past.

As soon as the door is opened for him and he crosses the threshold, the cat’s lameness disappears, as if by magic, and he resumes his normal gait.

Posted on Twitter on September 17, the video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, almost 24,000 likes and more than 3,000 retweets. We have no problem understanding what makes it so viral.

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