It’s a pity, but not all abandoned cat stories end so well :(

It took 3 days to get the poor defenseless kitty out of this trap. The one-and-a-half-month-old baby is now safe thanks to the dedication of a local resident, the city’s fire department and a local cat rescue association.
On June 26, 2022, Melanie, a resident of La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime, heard the meow while walking her two dogs daily.

His two dogs immediately lined up in alarm in front of the hatch in his house. “I saw the protruding head of a small kitten. I tried to lift the plate, but it was impossible, it was too heavy! Then I put some pâté in the hope that it would rise,” the young woman explained to the 30 Million Friends Foundation.
In the end, Melanie turned to the mayor’s office and the city shelter for help, but none of them took her cry for help seriously. “No one could do anything. My wife tried unsuccessfully to break the iron plate. But letting him die was out of the question,” she said.

So Melanie relied on the power of the social media community. She launched an SOS that was seen by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. Who was responsible for re-appeal to the municipality. Therefore, the latter decided to apply to Chat Association Planning La Rochelle.

“The poor child walked through the underground storm drain for several days. It was too deep to go inside. And I admit I wasn’t very optimistic because she didn’t make any noise anymore,” said Sophie, an organization volunteer who arrived the same day.
Around 23:00, the voice of the little cat was heard again. Melanie immediately called the fire department. “The plate was lifted. And there was relief. They pulled out a tiny ball of fur,” Melanie said.

The kitten spent the first night warm with Sophie, who pampered her until the next day. A clinical examination by a veterinarian indicated that he must have been about one and a half months old, and that he was in good health, although he had lost some weight.

They named him Corto and placed him in a foster family.

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