It was during the break of a football match that a cat named Topsy managed to find his family…Tap the link and watch a video!

A family from Sheffield, in the north of England, has found their cat they haven’t seen in months. According to , the animal reappeared on the football field .

Sheffield Wednesday hosted Wigan Athletic at Hillsborough Stadium as part of an English Division 3 match.

A match that had to be briefly interrupted due to the fact that an unexpected guest appeared on the green rectangle. It was a cat in a cotton coat, who obviously wanted to have some fun on the lawn.

Players and guards tried to catch her, but she was too fast and agile for them. She passed them with ease before eventually being pinned by Wigan Athletic Scotland defender Jason Kerr. Mr. Kerr then entrusted it to the officials on the edge of the field to the applause of the public.

After that, the animal was examined by veterinarians. The practitioner found that he had an identification chip. The next day, he was able to contact his mistress to tell her the news.

Topsy ran away from boarding school

Alison Jubb couldn’t believe it. The day before, her sister-in-law called her and said that she was watching the match in question and that a cat had broken into it. They laughed at it, not suspecting for a second that it was his Topsy.

The cat ran away last summer when Alison Jubb entrusted her to the boarding house because she had to be away for a few days. The guesthouse is 3 km from Hillsborough Stadium .

Topsy did not return completely unscathed from her misadventure. Upon examination, the veterinarian found bite marks, probably left by a dog. An x-ray will be taken shortly to determine the exact nature and severity of the lesion.

Alison Jubb is glad to have her back with her and hopes she recovers quickly from her injury.

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