It took her about a week before she really opened up. She has been moving forward ever since. Harvest’s touching story!

Dogs are animals devoted to their owners. Abandoned, they tend to stay there for several days, hoping to see their master return. This is a Harvest case thrown into a box.
In July 2022, a man found a dog sitting in a cardboard box in a 40-degree shade in a residential area.

She patiently waited for her master to return her. However, she has been left there since yesterday. In addition, the poor girl did not have any water or food nearby.

The shelter volunteers were devastated when they saw her like this. She was scared and disoriented.

In order not to injure her further, the members of the association decided to load her into their vehicle in a makeshift box. Luckily, an examination by the vet showed that she was healthy.

A baby named Harvest spent her first few days in the shelter, curled up in the corner of her box. “You could only see his shoulders and body shaking with fear,” said Patti Dawson.

His sweet personality captivated all the volunteers who took up his fellowship.

For his well-being, it was ultimately decided to place Harvest in a foster family. And it caused a real click.

“It took her about a week before she really opened up, but since then she has been moving forward,” explained Patty, delighted to discover her like that.

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