Interspecies friendships are not uncommon. However, the dog-squirrel duo is more amazing! However…

Gary Townsend lives in rural Ontario, Canada. This place is naturally inhabited by many red squirrels who do not hesitate to visit the residents to get different types of food.

Gary has been living with his adorable white American bulldog Winston for 4 years now , whom he adopted . If the fang could look like a predator in the eyes of a rodent and frighten him, then this is not so. He even has a gentle and caring personality with everyone he meets along the way.

2 years ago, a little red squirrel appeared on Gary’s terrace.
Very quickly, Wilson developed an interest in the rodent. Every morning he asks to go outside and calmly waits for the appearance of his visitor.

«Winston always wants to go out on the patio with me early when I have coffee to feed the bug.» So we do it almost daily and even during the day,” said Gary.

We can see that Wilson shows tenderness and delicacy towards this tiny fragile creature, but so cheeky. Indeed, this one will not hesitate to climb on a dog or even hide under its paws to taste its dishes.

Meanwhile, Wilson watches his little merry-go-round with a gentle air.


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