Incredible maternal instinct! She was looking for a place to give birth and suddenly…

With the support of the association, a recently given birth cat was too stressed to care for her cubs. The volunteers knew what needed to be done to help her pull herself together and raise the kittens in good conditions.
About to give birth, a desperate cat appeared in front of the house, the residents of which came to her aid. They took care of her the best they could, and did the same with her kittens when she gave birth. However, her benefactors were very concerned when they saw that she was under stress and unable to breastfeed her offspring, according to Love Meow.

The Jin’s Bottle Babies Association, based in Phoenix, Arizona, was then contacted. Founder Shelby Uehara and her husband Brandon took the cat and her kittens to their home, where they created a cozy and quiet corner for them.

Newborn cats were placed in an incubator for a while to raise their body temperature, which was too low. They were then returned to their still frightened mother. The couple took turns feeding the babies, then the cat gradually relaxed, realizing that she had nothing more to be afraid of either for herself or for her litter.

In the end, she let her kittens suckle her. Shelby and Brandon were relieved, but the 6 babies weren’t out of the woods yet. They were underweight, some weighing less than 60 grams. Unfortunately, one of them has not survived.
The other five were named Natasha, Shuri, Wanda, Pepper, and Jubilee. The name Marvel was chosen for their mother. She became very affectionate, purring more and more often and appreciating caresses.

When they are weaned, the cat is spayed. As soon as his babies are big enough and independent, they will be offered for adoption. Marvel too.

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