In an attempt to get her owner’s attention, this cat accidentally sends mysterious messages to her co-workers!

Buffy is an affectionate cat, but only when she wants to be. It is she who decides when Kate, her owner, has the right to hug her: «If you try to pet her, she will move away and go sit somewhere all alone.»

On the other hand, when she feels ready for petting and attention, “she does it very loudly and becomes the most affectionate cat of all time,” her owner continues.

When Kate had to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Buffy saw it as an opportunity to get all of her attention, as well as one of her hidden talents. Namely, writing messages on the computer.

Most of the time, the cat sat on the owner’s lap while she worked remotely, but sometimes she jumped on the table and walked over the PC keyboard. However, Kate often kept the Microsoft Teams app open to chat with her colleagues. So Buffy took the opportunity to send them some completely meaningless messages, but which made them laugh a lot.

Every time Kate has to apologize to the recipients, but everyone takes it with humor. “My co-workers find it funny and always respond with laughter,” she explains.

Therefore, the company where Kate works can thank Buffy for her invaluable contribution to good mood and team cohesion.

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