“I would pay a lot for her to stay here”: a woman’s sincere words about the dog that changed her life!

It may take several years before the most important meeting of our lives takes place. A dog named Eden found her soul mate when she was 10 years old. She, who always knew only 4 corners of her kennel, discovered a new world for herself, a world full of love and kindness. Sandrine Pubert took her for better and for worse.

“Time, meetings, daily communion with the same joys and the same suffering very often breed great friendship,” said author Marcel Portal. A lovely quote that echoes a story told by Sandrine Pubert, a Rottweiler owner named Eden. Here is their story.

In 2019, Sandrine started an 8 month training in Montmorillon (New Aquitaine) to become a dog trainer. She then meets Eden, the older bitch who has always lived on the farm. Placed several months a year in school, it allows students to practice.

“She spent time in the kennel, interspersed with sit, lie, stay still sessions. I found that she had an extremely gentle look, even if she was imposing, — our interlocutor recalls, — at the end of the workout she had a drop in form, which bothered me. A few days later, she developed an abscess on her thigh. »

Since the breeder didn’t seem to be willing to bear the veterinary costs, Sandrine decided to take the reins in her own hands, adopting the animal with her husband’s approval. “She [the breeder] agreed very easily,” Sandrine told us, “from that day on, Eden never left me, she was always by my side. I felt that I became very important to her.»

Sandrine has opened a new door, the one that led her adored protégé to happiness.
“We had the impression that we had a 40-kilogram puppy,” our interlocutor recalls, “everything was new to her. » During walks, Eden could count on her two little «sisters», Idil and Lolita, who helped her gain confidence and enjoy nature.

At the age of 10, the dog finally found meaning in his life. Family life where love reigns.

“She gave me back a hundredfold what my husband and I gave her,” said her benefactor, “I’m not saying that everything was simple and that care, food, etc. were not very expensive. Care, Eden really needed her. And in vain! The tumor asked for itself, without asking anyone’s consent.
“ The ultrasound showed a dark mass, but given her age, the vet advised me not to operate on her. A few days later she became ill. We couldn’t bring ourselves not to try anything. Unfortunately, she did not survive the operation,” Sandrine explained.

After offering her happy days, the couple were forced to say goodbye to the dog joining the Garden of Eden. For over 2 years, Sandrine and her husband adapted their lifestyle to her advanced age and pampered her like a full member of the family.

When they enter our home, pets disrupt our daily life, punctuated by ups and downs. As we give them a chance and pamper them, our four-legged friends give us a priceless treasure: simple, true, deep love. They will forever leave their mark on our hearts. Sandrine, who wants to breed a priori for certain breeds of dogs considered «evil», is well aware of this.

With this testimony, she wanted to pay tribute to the beautiful and sweet Eden, who made part of her life a wonderful adventure.

“In her great generosity, my soft toy has left us to make way for a little angel named Kyoko, who has just been weaned and dropped off with her sister in front of the orphanage door,” Sandrine concluded, “he is arriving at our house on the weekend of July 1st.” we can’t wait to get to know him and shower him with all the love he deserves.»

Thus one story ends to make way for another that promises to be just as beautiful…

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