«I think she’s still afraid of being abandoned». The touching story about the dog who found love and peace so surprisingly!

In early February 2020, the couple had a heartbreaking encounter. A rickety young dog wandered frantically along the side of the road.
On their way home from work, the Lenkers saw an animal on the side of the road, an animal they mistook for a fawn. Coming closer, they discovered their mistake: it was a very thin dog.

As soon as the car stopped, Chris got out and called the dog. Alas, the frightened wanderer wrapped his paws around her neck. “I couldn’t see her anymore and we were about to leave,” the young woman explained, but I had a hunch. Luckily, she found a four-legged one hidden behind a fence.

The latter overcame his shyness and decided to try his luck. “She put her paws around my neck and let me walk her back to the car,” the kind soul said, “she was scared, but I could tell she believed in me…. »

Once in the car, the dog realized that he was finally safe. When her benefactor caressed her, she literally sat on her. “It was like a wave of relief washed over her. She stayed on my lap the rest of the way,” she added.

A fur ball named Reba quickly settled into the house of his heroes, who already had several dogs.
When she lived outdoors, Reba was afraid to follow people. Now she refuses to leave her new home.

The survivor even insists that her «adoptive mother» be taken out into the garden! “I think she is still afraid of being abandoned,” her guardian angel said.

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