“I reached out and offered to take her, knowing that she was probably pregnant, judging by her belly.”

Willow managed to find help, and fortunately, because the imposing size of her babies would have put her survival at risk.
A stray cat approached the man’s house in mid-June 2022. She was affectionate and showed that she needed to be pampered. Since it was obvious that she was socialized, the Good Samaritan went in vain to look for her family.

So he contacted Tiny, but Mighty Kitten Rescue, based in Cornwall, Canada, to have a volunteer take over.

«I reached out and offered to take her, knowing she was probably pregnant judging by her belly,» Melissa said.
So Willow moved into her new home and immediately felt at ease there.

The first weeks passed under the best patronage. However, on July 1, Willow suffered an unexplained seizure.

So Melissa took her to the vet. Luckily, the ultrasound showed her babies were fine and the veterinarian found no serious health problems. So it will be a stress related incident. With adequate treatment, she was able to return to the shelter and safely continue her pregnancy.

On August 1, 2022, Willow went into labor. 2 babies were born within minutes of each other. However, Melissa became worried, noticing that Willow couldn’t kick the others out.

Indeed, the kittens were strangely tall and fat. So the vet had to do an emergency caesarean section.

Willow and her newborns wouldn’t have survived if she was still outside. I am incredibly grateful that at this time she was under my care,” Melissa shared.

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