“I felt that we needed each other!” A lonely woman asked to give her the most unfortunate dog…

The past few years have been very difficult for 72-year-old Melanie from the United States. First she lost her husband, and then her beloved Staffordshire terrier Laura.

“After the death of the dog, I felt very depressed and lonely. But one day my grandchildren visited me and said that I should find a friend with whom we would be constantly together. Then I decided to get a new pet,” recalls Melanie.

The woman went to the nearest animal shelter. She decided that she would take the most unfortunate dog that everyone had abandoned. For her, neither the breed of the pet, nor its age mattered.

Shelter staff were surprised when they heard what kind of dog the woman was looking for. They took her to a block where 3 elderly pets lived. One of them was 12-year-old terrier Jack, who was caught on the street a few months ago.
“The two dogs ignored me, but Jack immediately began whining piteously and wagging his tail at me. Then I decided that I would take him,” says Melanie.

The shelter staff were delighted that the woman had chosen Jack, but they had yet to tell her about the dog’s health problems. The animal was diagnosed with skin cancer.
In addition, he has poor vision and hearing.

“They said that Jack was seriously ill and did not have much time left. But that didn’t stop me! I felt we needed each other,” Melanie says.
The shelter staff were very happy, because they did not even hope that someone would agree to take Jack.

The woman was surprised by the behavior of the dog in the house. Jack had probably been on the street all his life, but he was very well-mannered. He calmly examined the house, and after that he fell asleep sweetly on the prepared couch.

“From that day on, my life changed. Now I smile much more often. Yes, I understand that Jack has little time left, but I know for sure that he will leave the happiest dog!”, says the owner.

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