“I felt a warmness in my heart”: a dirty dog runs towards a passerby whose love changed her fate!

Meeting at the turn of the road can change lives. This is what the story of Iota reveals to us, a small dog abandoned by former owners in 2013 and laid a paw on the house of his dreams.
“A little dirty yellow dog was running towards us. I looked at her; it was not my dog ​​at all. I prefer adults who bark little, quiet grandmothers and grandmothers, the mother of the family admits.
«This over-excited pug weighing 3 or 4 kg was the complete opposite of the attraction I had for dogs. The breed. And yet, like love at first sight between people, the moment I met his mischievous gaze, I felt a crack in the chest.»

It’s a matter of chance or fate, when true love knocks on our door, it’s hard not to open it.

and over the past few years, Iota has significantly replenished the family album of memories. Her whims of a princess, her charming manners and subtlety of mind marked her loved ones. But in a tangle of smiles and laughter, tears have already unexpectedly come up.

“One day she made me cry,” recalls Severin, “my husband took a stick to throw at Fifi, and Iota screamed in horror. It was a heartbreaking cry… I got it. I understood why she, too, was afraid of the broom. However small and fragile she may have been, she must have received blows in «her past life» that we will never know anything about.»

Whatever its origins, the female Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua buried it deep with the help of her adoptive parents. Ill-treatment and wandering gave way to benevolence and stability. 9 years ago, in the parking lot of the conservatory, a little yellow and dirty dog had the most important meeting in her life.

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