«I couldn’t believe someone left 20 babies like that». It was painful to look at the poor animals!

On Friday, July 29, 2022, a man found at least 20 puppies folded into a metal flask at a rest area near Fryerning, England.
He immediately informed the RSPCA, who sent Sian Ridley, an investigator, and Enola Evans, a lifeguard, to the scene.

“When they told me how many fangs there were, I really thought it was a mistake. I couldn’t believe someone would drop 20 babies like that,» she told the Mirror.

14 males and 5 females were frightened, and when rescuers arrived, one of the cubs was in distress. Despite the best efforts of the veterinarian, it was not possible to save her.

On her Facebook page, Xiang Ridley wrote, «I really want to hear from anyone who might know who is behind these helpless creatures being abandoned in such an irresponsible way. Someone must have come to the parking lot, pulled them out of the car.» and left it there. That’s why I want to talk to everyone who saw a suspicious car in the area on 29 July.»

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