Husky Dog Abandoned In Yard Without Water Or Food In Brittany Barely Rescued By Shelter

Animal cruelty continues to flourish. On May 20, 2022, the dog was found dead. The unfortunate woman was abandoned to her fate and lived among her excrement.

Ramsay Cryem, manager of the animal shelter Refuge Friends of Beasts in Brittany, received a report from a local resident about a dog in poor condition. When he arrived, Ramsay could only watch in horror.

Husky dog ​​was trapped in a closed yard without water and food. No one could tell how long she had been there, waiting for someone to help her. Indeed, the shutters of the house were closed, and the neighbors claimed that they had never met the owner.

Ramsay had no choice but to start a legal process that requires him to find the owner of the animal before taking any action. “I slipped her a bowl of water, she threw herself at her. I passed every day, I stayed there for hours,” Ramsay told Actu. However, the owner of the dog could not be found. It was obvious that he had abandoned her. Thus, the shelter received the necessary permits for intervention.

Anxious health condition

On Friday, May 20, Ramsay, his colleagues, and a squad of animal firefighters from Fougères intervened to «get her out of this hell». «He’s a featherweight. When we picked her up, we thought we were carrying a cat. He’s 15-20kg short. I don’t know how she managed to get out of that,» Ramsay added.

Husky is now in safe hands. Ladb Fougères provides him with all the care and attention he needs for his good recovery. She suffers from dehydration and malnutrition. At the same time, Ramsay filed a complaint with the gendarmerie for cruelty to animals and launched an appeal to witnesses on social networks to arrest the perpetrator of this atrocity.

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