Hungry Chapati found her owners and … The most traveling dog in the world! Tap the link and watch a video.

Once a young couple from Ukraine decided to radically change their lives.
Eugene and Christina quit their jobs and planned a six-month trip around the world. At the very beginning of the adventure, they were joined by another fellow traveler — the dog Chapati. 🙂

The travelers decided to stay for a few days in the Indian city of Kochi, where they met a four-legged friend. During a night walk, they noticed a small hungry puppy.
Eugene and Christina decided to help the poor thing. They fed the baby and started looking for a veterinarian.

“We turned to the municipal clinic, but no one there wanted to deal with animals. The doctor said she probably had fleas. On this examination ended … ”, — says Eugene.

The next day, the couple went to a private clinic, where Chapati received proper care. Veterinarians rid the dog of fleas and ticks, and also made all the necessary vaccinations.
A few days later, the travelers went to the next city, taking with them a four-legged partner. Soon they finally decided to keep her forever.

“The Chapati is unlike any other dog. She is amazingly curious and playful! Watching her is a real pleasure!”, – shared Eugene.

To continue their journey, the young people had to make documents for the dog. It took almost 2 months, but now Chapati can go to almost any country in the world. 🙂

The four-legged traveler has already visited 6 countries, covering 30 thousand kilometers. She traveled by all kinds of means of transport — planes, trains, ships.

Chapati has become very popular on social media. More than 18 thousand people have already subscribed to her Instagram, including Bollywood star Trisha.

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