How touching is this! A 3-legged dog with cancer saved a life of baby otter! Tap the link and watch a video.

Gus made his family proud. At Easter, a goldendoodle (golden retriever/poodle) jumped into the river to find an abandoned young otter. After this rescue operation, the dog brought his beautiful catch to Cleo Young, his owner and her daughters.

The family tried to find the mother of the fluffy ball, but could not find her. A young and fragile wild animal required special care. For her own good, Cleo and her loved ones brought the survivor to the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC). “It was a difficult trip because it closed at 6:00 pm and we didn’t know if we could make it,” Cleo said. Fortunately, the staff took care of a special carrying.

“For the first 36 hours, we were very worried,” the center said, “he was cold to the touch, and we were not sure that he was aspirating water, which could lead to pneumonia.” »

Rest assured, thanks to the dog’s heroic intervention and numerous treatments, the otter is doing well today. His benefactors said he was «too young» to be in the water and should have stayed in the den with his mother.

Therefore, Gus appeared as a guardian angel whose mission was to save him. After that, he received many treats.

The story of this benevolent, brave and bold dog is a real source of inspiration for us humans. He offers us a wonderful lesson in life and humanity.

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