How dangerous is it! Once again, the poor little creature decided to hide in the storm drain!

On Tuesday, August 23, a female kitten, later named Mae, fell more than a meter high into a storm drain in Prince Albert, Canada. Then she went into the storm drain 2 meters deep.

Neighbors heard his distress cries but were unable to help him. So they contacted the local association SPCA.
“Honestly, it was lucky that someone heard it. I must say that she cried a lot about the child! So it resonated through all the pipes,” Ashley Bober, director of the SPCA, explained to Ckom.

Volunteers first tried to attract the unfortunate woman with a filled bowl placed in a shipping crate, but in vain. Time was running out. Mei was trapped for more or less 24 hours. And a kitten of this age in such an environment does not have a very long life expectancy.

So the rescue team called the municipal agent to come and lend a helping hand.

There are a few precautions you should take before heading into a cramped storm sewer. Therefore, the man checked to see if poisonous gas had entered the sewer, then put on his seat belts and descended on a rope.

However, Mei was horrified and still refused to show with the tip of her nose. So the officer had to be patient.

He spoke softly to her and lured her in with treats for 20 minutes before she decided to approach him.

Mei was then safely raised, and fortunately she did not suffer from any ailments. She was transferred to an orphanage that is now taking care of her. If her owners do not show up in the coming days, she will be offered for adoption.

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