How A Baby’s Crying Connected A Family To A Runaway Australian Shepherd!

Relatives and volunteers mobilized to try to bring Luna home, but this runaway dog ​​only finally returned to its owners after hearing their baby cry.

Luna is an adorable 8 month old Australian Shepherd. She lives with her family in Fries, Virginia (Eastern US). She is attached to her owners, Amber and Travis Myers, but supposedly more attached to their son, a 5-month-old baby named Bowen.

In any case, it was the latter’s tears that convinced her to return after her escape. “I think she loves him a lot more than we ever thought,” says Amber Myers.

On Saturday, February 5, the couple went shopping close to home. Luna was in the back of her van, parked in front of the store. When her owners left, the dog was no longer in the car.

She began to look everywhere. Sandra Colston, a member of the Missing Animal Help Network, which specializes in finding missing pets, offered to help. She placed clothing belonging to Myers and Luna’s transport cage in various key locations, hoping to lure her in with her scent.

Then the dog reappeared in the neighborhood, but not for long. Brother-in-law and niece Amber Myers spotted her and called her, but Luna ran away. After that, she was seen several more times, but each time she preferred to disappear.

The elusive Australian wandered around all weekend. On Monday, Sister Amber Myers was in her car with Bowen. He started crying, so his aunt took him out to console him. And there, miraculously, while the child continued to sob, the dog came up to him. «That’s what attracted her — the screams,» said Amber.
Back at home, Luna has recovered from her misadventure and is looking after little Bowen, whom she may have secretly sworn to herself never to take her eyes off of again.

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